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Release 18.1 News


See what's new !
  • Receiver support is added for:
    • RFspace NetSDR
    • Narda SignalShark (VITA 49)
    • WinRadio G35 DDC

Additional receiver drivers available
Receiver support is added for:
• RFspace NetSDR
• Narda SignalShark (VITA 49)
• WinRadio G35 DDC

  • New receiver-plugin interface

New receiver-plugin interface
To connect go2SIGNALS products with additional digital receivers, we support different types of standard interfaces like EXTIO or VITA 49. Additionally, we now deliver a plugin interface with go2MONITOR. The framework enables integrators and receiver manufacturers to connect their receivers including features like multichannel inputs, overview spectrum, receiver control, etc.

  • Frequency view - import a frequency list and organize the entries.

Stations-View replaced by new Frequency-View
With release Rel. 18.1 the management of selective frequencies and frequency ranges with additional parameters and customer database fields is now possible. Import your own frequency list and organize your entries. You can use them to set search- or block-frequencies for automatic monitoring and to mark results.

  • Display entries of the frequency list to identify them easily.

Frequency-View entries displayed as overlay in spectrograms
In all wideband displays entries of the frequency list can be displayed to identify them no matter if they are online or not. A filter on the group parameter can be used to show only specific communication networks.

  • Create a list of recording schedules

Advanced scheduler for wideband recordings
With go2MONITOR Rel. 18.1 you get more flexibility setting recording schedules. A list of different
recording times and daily repeated recordings can be created.

  • Start manual wideband recordings during automatic mode

Manual wideband recording also useable in automatic mode
Even during automatic mode manual wideband recordings are now possible. Just press the “Record” button on the left top of the input spectrogram to start or stop the record of an interesting frequency band.

  • Set up tasks to trigger on them

Task type triggered wideband recordings
We expand the signal bandwidth of the classifiers and decoders constantly. To record these signals, wideband recording function is now enhanced to set up tasks to trigger on them. The recording can be triggered based on modulation type recognition, modem classification or just on signal energy.

  • New: Autocoverage function

AutoCoverage function now available
Turning AutoCoverage on, the first wideband receiver is controlled by the system automatically to step with
a parametrized time through all frequencies of all active tasks in the best possible way. Using this new feature, predefindes frequency ranges can be monitored easily and

Decoder improvements
Looking on our decoder list you will see that go2MONITOR and go2DECODE came up with one of the best signal coverage of active modems ever seen. However, the signal world is changing all the time. To follow these changes we enhance our decoder list and add new features to existing decoders with every new release.

Modems can be organized in lists for automatic recognition. Using go2DECODE, you can build your own decoders and enhance these lists by yourself.

Here you find the current list of available decoders.

New decoder included for:
•    CIS-12 PSK4B
•    MFSK-32

New detectors included for:  
•    Robust Packet modems
•    Several OFDM-based CIS variants including CIS-45, CIS-112, CIS-128
•    STANAG 4285: added KG-84 encryption detection

Extended decoder for :  
•    APCO25, DMR, dPMR and NXDN: improved voice output quality by including
    patented vocoders from DVSI
•    Codan 3212 PSK single channel: 75, 2400 and 3600 bps modes supported
•    APCO25: now also showing the manufacturer ID
•    Morse: added Cyrillic alphabet (output in decoder channel 2)
•    Motorola SmartNet: added modem for signals with 4 kHz shift

Demodulator improvements:
•    OQPSK demodulator: improved synchronization and symbol handling
•    FSK4 demodulator: extended range of automatic frequency offset correction
•    Improved demodulation performance of NXDN signals

  • Classifiers improved!

Classifier improvements
Signal classification is helpful to identify the type of an emission by its signal parameter. For automatic processing, these parameters are used to filter on signals of interest. With every release we improve the performance of the classification, e.g. by adding new modulation types or increase of signal bandwidth.

• PSK classification now supports classification of signals with up to 200 kHz bandwidth /125 kBd symbol rate
• ACARS Modem Detection
• Support for customer defined adaptive modem definitions