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Communications engineering with heart and soul

PROCITEC GmbH was founded in 1999 and is now a medium sized business with its headquarters in Pforzheim.

Our core area of expertise is the development of technologies and software for signal detection, segmentation, classification, demodulation, decoding and signal analysis, including technical evaluation and recording of various communications media. Our expert knowledge, commitment, persistence and passion are combined to satisfy our customers with optimum solutions. We think laterally, that is why our solutions are different – systematically different:

We recognised early on that signal processing solutions have to be fast, fully automated and capable of continuous expansion if they are to keep up with the ever increasing flood of data and the fast paced development of information and communication technology. Our signal processing products and components are thus software solutions with modular architecture and scalable system designs that are independent of operating systems and platforms. In addition, all PROCITEC solutions are based on a continuous, well-devised automation concept that increases performance, relieves pressure on users and provides optimum operating comfort.

PROCITEC solutions are not "one-way-streets". They can be enriched with specific expert knowledge or can be functionally expanded in their own right. That is why knowledge-based parts and the integration of a development environment with its own meta language are the core components of every PROCITEC signal processing solution.