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go2SIGNALS Release 20.2
25.06.2020 09:16

go2SIGNALS 20.2 - Highlights

Automatic Monitoring & Tasking

New task type ‘Live Processing’

Provides automatic signal detection and live processing in narrowband channels, which enables direct access to detailed information and live results (analogue or digital audio and decoded text). These channels open and adjust automatically to find the best results possible.

Triggering from Overview Spectrum

As part of the “Wideband Signal Search with Live Processing” feature, it is now possible to trigger signal tasks by energy from the overview spectrum (i.e. Panoramic Display). This enables automatic search and processing of signals in wider frequency ranges using receiver’s PSD spectrum or scanning performance features.

Link GUI Perspective  to Missions

Different Missions demand different arrangements of go2MONITOR window sets. It is now possible to link a saved perspective to a mission in the ‘create mission’ dialog. When the mission is activated, the GUI auto-matically changes the window arrangement to the saved perspective.

Quick Start with Example Mission and Perspectives

go2MONITOR offers example missions to help you get started with different scenarios. They offer an easy entrance to the world of go2SIGNALS.

Inverse Trigger for AMT Tasks

This new feature lets you trigger tasks if a signal does not match a defined trigger. Therefore, it is now easier to search for ‘unknown’
(i.e. unidentified) or special signals which do not match any existing decoders or known modulation types.

New Functions of the Narrowband Channels

Enhancement of the Narrowband Channel Mode “Classification + Recognition + Decoding”

The Narrowband Channel mode “Classification+Recognition+Decoding” is optimized to automatically search and set a signal’s center frequency to successfully classify and decode the signal. This mode is now set as default configuration to ease of the User’s manual interaction with the Narrowband Channels.

GUI Changes to Ease Handling

Due to new functionalities, some layout changes have been made to the Narrowband Channels.

  • Double-click on status bar switches between minimal and maximal layout
  • Audio level meter and current channel frequency are displayed in status bar in minimal layout
  • Double-click on audio meter can be used to mute / unmute audio
  • Channel-view can be docked on the left /right side and not only up/down
  • In save confi guration dialog, a list of existing confi gurations is shown
  • Removed frame around single channel with “Channel X”

Mass Signals Data Processing


New Mode: Bulk File Processing

Process signal recordings directly from specified folders within the file system with pre-defined options. This new processing mode can be used in two different ways:
•    Autonomously process recorded files stored in different folders
•    Survey folders and process every new signal stored there
Autonomous processing of stored files helps to get signal parameters and decoded text for large repositories of stored signal recordings.
Survey of folders for new signals make it easy to connect the go2MONITOR classifier and decoders to other tools. Using this new interface, existing tools or systems detecting and storing signals could be enhanced easily with autonomous signal processing.

Decoder Development News

Enhance Customer Decoder Development with pyDDL

With DDL, PROCITEC offers an easy way to adapt integrated decoders or to add new decoders by the customer themselves (customer adaptable tool). Starting with this release DDL is moving a big step forward by supporting Python standard scripting language (pyDDL) as DDL language base.
Step-by-step with upcoming releases all included decoders and decoder develop-ment tools will be converted to enable this new development environment and its powerful new features. For customers with their own decoders an integrated migration tool which converts DDL to pyDDL, makes the conversion process easy (if required).

Decoder Enhancements

•    DECT
•    GSM
•    DMR
     -     Motorola Basic decryption possible
     -     Recognition of encryption mode available


Additional Receiver Support

As with every release, we have enhanced support of receiver hardware currently available on the market.

  • Added support for USRP X310 receiver
  • Added support for R&S EB510 receiver
  • Added support for attenuation control for R&S EB500
  • Added receiver control (frequency, band width, gain) for CommsAudit CA 7852 receiver
  • Added support for scan mode for SignalHound BB60C
  • Added support for multicast UDP data for R&S EM100/EB500 receivers


Noteworthy Changes 

  • Classifier enhancements: CHN hybrid
  • Support for WAV files up to 4GB added
  • Support for reading TCI Blackbird CAP signal file added
  • Mission New/Edit dialog completely redesigned
  • go2MONITOR Wideband Classifier includes PMR modem detection as standard
  • Export results from ResultViewer in Innosystec Metascope CIM format
  • Installation of EiBi HF frequency list
  • Zoom spectrogram with mouse wheel
  • Quick start with example mission and perspectives
  • Faster detection of signals in V/UHF frequency ranges
  • Multitone (MFSK): simultaneous tones demodulator and decoder

Overview of all New Highlights

Get an compact overview of the innovations you find in version 20.2 of go2MONITOR and go2DECODE.

Download PDF - New in version 20.2

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